Speaker Interview with Network Norway


Ahead of MVNO Networking Congress 2014, we’ve conducted an exclusive speaker interview with Rolf PaulsenDirector B2BNetwork Norway about his upcoming contribution at the MVNO event, and insights on the challenges the MVNO industry is facing…

rolfRolf Paulsen
Director B2B
Network Norway

What are you looking forward to at the MVNO conference this year?

Looking forward to the other case studies being presented, to draw on key insights and experiences from MVNOs in other markets. Specifically on market positioning, product offerings and use of service platforms. Also interested to here about how markets differ from the market which I am working in. I am also looking forward to meeting vendors at the event.

What do you feel are the key challenges that the MVNO industry is facing in 2014 and what do you hope the conference will answer?

Some of the Key issues I see is the ability to build and operate a profitable operation within the MVNO environment, a lot of this comes down to local and EU regulation, as regulators set a lot of the conditions that the MVNO operate under.
Of course this has to be coupled with an attractive market offering an the ability to differentiate the service offering in the market place.

Could you lets us have a sneaky peak as to what you will be sharing with the audience this year?

This year I am planning to present the key challenges that we have experienced in the Norwegian Market from moving from and SP to an MVNO to an MO. I will focus specifically on the growth case that we have had in the B2B market, and how we have been able to differentiate our service offering and build a profitable operation. I will specifically show the products that we have had successful launches with in the past years.

Join Rolf and the rest of our acclaimed speaker line-up at MVNO Networking Congress, to discuss all this and more. Click here to register.

By Mollie Lloyd

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