Oracle Communications Convergent Charging and Policy: An Executive Overview

The rise in smartphone and tablet usage, coupled with increasing data speeds, both mobile and fixed, is contributing to a geometric increase in the consumption of data services, enabling the so-called customer “Digital Lifestyle”. However, a corresponding decrease in traditional voice and text services has left communications service providers in a real bind. Even with the increase in data usage consumption, service provider revenues from data service usage has not kept pace. Faced with enormous costs resulting from IP network build outs, and the potential “threat” of over-the-top (OTT) providers getting a free ride on those networks, service providers must deploy customer-centric strategies to increase revenues and boost the bottom

Customer-centric strategies to boost revenues involve attainment of customers, retention of customers, and most importantly influencing customer spend – or gaining a larger share of the customer wallet. Convergent charging and policy systems that bridge network and IT functions are key for a communications service provider (CSP) to accomplish those customer-centric
strategies. Specifically CSPs must accomplish excellence in three main areas: product differentiation, customer engagement and operational efficiency, which are areas of focus that are addressed by the Oracle Convergent Charging and Policy solution.

The Oracle Communications Convergent Charging and Policy solution is the only solution that enables CSPs to combine business and network policies to rapidly launch innovative offers and empower customers to personalize and control their usage experience, accelerating service monetization at a predictable cost of ownership.

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By Mollie Lloyd

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