Convergys Whitepaper:

WebRTC Redefines Value Added Services

Using WebRTC can transform a traditional Web page in to a multimedia service that embraces a “Click to Call” culture or when
incorporated into the Convergys Multimedia Services Platform (C-MEX) can stimulate higher call completion rates.

Why  WebRTC?

WebRTC is an exciting new technology that brings real-time communications in the form of voice and video to standard Web browsers, adding a new dimension on how a Web page can interact with the viewer.

What is  WebRTC?

WebRTC is a technology that enables a standard Web browser to make multimedia (voice and video) calls direct to other browsers or to other communication systems, such as a conference server. It provides a means for a Web site (after the user grants appropriate permission) to integrate multimedia calls as easily as including forms or other media content onto a page.

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